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  • Features: Provides spark, senses flame, and relays status via telemetry for a number of fire tube vessels and allows users to remotely monitor and adjust the temperature of pilot flame. Also allows the user to custom-program the system’s alert and re-ignition settings.
  • Results: The 2100 has proven its ability to effectively cut costs, increase profit, and increase the safety of the vessels on which it is used.
  • History: The 2100 was first introduced in 2007 in the United States and Canada. After perfecting the 1100, the 2100 became our flagship product and is the most recognizable among our product line


  • Features: Provides spark and senses flame status in combustor and open-flare applications, providing 24-hour monitoring and re-ignition.
  • Results: Minimizes on-site employee response to maintain flame, and drastically reduces re-ignition time for an extinguished flame.
  • History: The 1300 is a new system that was introduced in 2012.


  • Purpose: Meters the airflow that enters the fuel cell by allowing the user to modify the amount of air that can flow through the airplate.
  • Results: This patent-pending technology can greatly increase the efficiency of the vessels on which it is used.
  • History: Introduced in 2012.


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