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Replacement Filter Elements

“Protecting Process Equipment and Engines Worldwide”

GLY-TECH’s replacement cartridge elements interchange with all popular models with the best pricing in the industry.

Please e-mail us with the element number you are presently using, and we’ll convert it and respond with price and delivery information.

Process Elements

Glycol Sock and Carbon

Gas Filters

Fuel Gas

Gas Sweetening


Engine/Dust Elements

Engine Lube

Engine Intake

Dust Collectors

Panel Air

Pleated Paper

Need Replacment Sock and Carbon Filter Elements?

Carbon Filter Elements

EP-1122C-G 11″ X 22″

EP-1120C-G 11″ X 20″

Sock Filter Elements

EP-318-C5-G 3″ X 18″

EP-336-C5-G 3″ X 36″

Our elements are interchangeable with many of the popular brands. Below are just a few of the most popular brands we stock:

** Peco, Hilco, Facet, Refilco, Parker, Nugent, Murphy, Velcon, Kaydon, Luberfier, Royal, Airgard, AC, ALCO, Balwin, Banner, Burgess, Caterpillar, Cavel, Cim-Tek, Clark, Cooper Bessemer,  Cummins, CUNO, De Laval, FTG, Facet, Filterite, Fleetguard, Flo-Line, Jonnell, United Engine Life, Waukesha

**Competitive trade names are used for reference only.