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Incorporated in 1987, GLY-TECH is an outgrowth of an established glycol maintenance program group, which was a service group providing specialized services under the auspices of a major equipment manufacturer. Initially, the company’s emphasis was directed toward the development of preventative maintenance programs for glycol units. Customers had made it clear that a company dedicated specifically to glycol system needs could better meet their needs.


Founded in response to market needs for gas dehydration services

April, 1987

International Expansion

Gly-Tech expanded to offer wellhead to gas sales pipeline production equipment technical services, International projects, facility management, and gas dehydration training in Mexico, Southeast Asia and Africa. 

Early 1990's

Industrial Services Group Expansion

Gly-Tech expanded with the Industrial Services Group, providing various cleaning services – Hydro Blasting, retro-jetting, chemical cleaning and high velocity flushing

April 2000

Sibley, LA Opening

Gly-Tech expands its Technical Services footprint and opens its new Sibley, LA Service Division.


Oklahoma Expansion

Gly-Tech expanded services to El Reno, Ok

Spring 2005

Technical Operations Services Expansion

Gly-Tech expanded its Technical Operations Services Group, by including an in-house engineering department for design, build, and facility modeling

October 2005

Midwest & Northeastern Expansion

Gly-Tech expanded products and services to the Midwest and Northeastern regions.

Summer 2008

Field Service Group

Gly-Tech combines its Industrial and Technical Service groups to one super center and becomes the Field Services group


Permian Basin Operations

Gly-Tech expands its Technical Services footprint and opens its new Permian Basin Operations in Midland, Texas

July 2017

Driven primarily by the needs of its customers, GLY-TECH has become involved in all services related to oil and gas process equipment. Providing a turnkey solution means that customers can depend on the company’s in-house experts for a full range of production equipment services.

From a two-man operation in 1987, GLY-TECH has grown to include a staff of 80 in three offices. In addition to the original Harvey, Louisiana location, GLY-TECH now has branch field service offices in Shreveport, Louisiana, Midland, Texas and Industrial Field Services in Slidell, Louisiana, along with sales support services in Lafayette, Louisiana, Houston, Texas and Northeastern Region. GLY-TECH provides services worldwide and has local representation in Mexico, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Throughout this expansion, the company has maintained its emphasis on professionalism and personal concern for quality and customer satisfaction and ability to ensure operating efficiency for the company’s customers.

For process equipment studies, de-bottlenecking, troubleshooting, equipment modifications / repairs and vessel cleaning, GLY-TECH continues to provide the same high level of service. For pro-active preventative maintenance programs tailored to meet the special and often complex needs of its customers, GLY-TECH has also established a reputation for excellence. Additionally available are technical support and design services. Of particular value to the company’s customers have been its technical support consulting services, its customized training programs and formal gas dehydration training schools. Unlike companies that utilize outside personnel to provide cleaning, equipment disassembly and analytical support services, GLY-TECH provides these services using in-house personnel. And when customers do require specialized equipment or system accessories in addition to the chemical additives used on a regular basis for a project, the products of the most respected manufacturers are readily available through select distributorship arrangements.

Such major oil companies as Exxon/Mobil, Chevron, Shell Offshore, Texaco, BP/Amoco and Conoco, to name but a few, choose GLY-TECH for the convenience of its turnkey services and for the security of depending on specialists for whom these services are a full-time occupation, not a sideline.