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In Memoriam

Mark Middleton started Gly-Tech Services, Inc in 1987, with only four employees. Gly-Tech slowly began its growth and success journey, becoming a company providing expert value-added services to our customers now for over 34yrs. He always said “without our dedicated and loyal employees, Gly-Tech would not have achieved our customers’ respect as a value-added service company.” Today, Gly-Tech Services, Inc. employees are known in the industry as very safe, high quality, and professional experts in the oil and gas industry.

Mark’s future wishes are for Gly-Tech Services to continue moving forward in business, focusing on growth, safety, quality, and success for the entire company, its valued employees, and their families. Mark will be remembered for his excellent business acumen, jovial camaraderie and witty ways! May he Rest In Peace and watch over us for years to come!

Mark Middleton

1956 - 2020