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Safety Statement

GLY-TECH SERVICES, INC. is a full-service corporation involved in oil field, industrial and
marine equipment service, cleaning, design, and repair. Typical services include glycol gas
dehydration system services, rotating equipment lubrication system and chemical injection
system pre-flushes and cleanliness-specification cleaning and chemical cleaning.

It is the Company’s belief that all accidents and injuries are preventable; that providing job
safety and a healthy working environment for the employee is the responsibility of
management, supervisors, and foremen, but that each employee must also accept
responsibility for safe work performance. Through this joint effort to maximize the protection
of life and property, injury-free performance can be successfully pursued.

The Company and its employees will comply with all State, Federal, Local, and appropriate
industry safety, environmental and health requirements, and standards. The Company will
commit the resources, responsibility, and accountability necessary for the implementation and
maintenance of this safety program. This is the policy of Gly-Tech Services, Inc.

Environmental Protection Policy

The various divisions of GLY-TECH SERVICES, INC. have potential environmental impact due to
the nature of the work performed. Preventing this potential from becoming reality is at the
forefront of all our operations. The Company’s policy, and the objective of all employees, is to
improve the environmental conditions that exist at a client’s facility, whenever possible, and
to avoid causing further contamination.

To achieve this goal, GLY-TECH will ensure that its personnel are trained and equipped as
necessary to prevent any environmental contamination from occurring because of our
operations. All equipment will be maintained and tested in accordance with the existing
regulations to reduce the possibility of failure as a source of contamination.

Contingency plans have been developed to ensure that GLY-TECH is prepared to respond
appropriately to any incident arising out of our operations that has the potential to result in
contamination. Gly-Tech personnel will comply with all federal, state, and local laws and all
client requirements to protect the environment.

Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR)
2020: 0.00
2019: 0.00
2018: 0.00
2017: 0.999
2016: 1.32
2015: 0.00
Industry Average = 4.5