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Field Technical Services 

Technical Equipment Services Offered:

  • Gas Plant Debottlenecking and Optimization
  • Facility Studies
  • Technical Recommendations
  • AFE Cost Preparation
  • P&ID and Specification
  • Sheet Preparation
  • Technical Design Proofing
  • Gas Processing Equipment Troubleshooting
  • Vessel Internals Modifications and Repairs
  • Vessel Entry Certified Inspections
  • Cleaning and Degassing
  • Proactive Glycol Analysis Program
  • Dry Desiccant Breakthrough Testing


Vessel Capacity Analysis

  • Proprietary Computer Simulation Programs

Vessel Modifications and Conversions

  • Vessel Internals Redesigned to Increased Capacity
  • Structured Packing Installations
  • High Efficiency Gas-Liquid Demisters
  • Cyclonic Separation Device Installations

Vessel Internals

Gly-Tech is your authorized distributor for sales, installation and service of separation equipment. Separation hardware includes vessel internals for both new fully dressed skids and retrofit applications. A resume of vessel internals offered and installation services available is described below:


  • Consultancy Service
  • Flow Sheet Optimization
  • System Debottlenecking
  • Compact Separator Design
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • HYSIM Process Simulator
  • In-House Proprietary Model

Separator Upgrading Hardware

  • Gas-Liquid Separation
  • Gas-Solids Separation / Filtration
  • Liquid-Solids Separation / Filtration
  • Liquid-Liquid Separation (Water Treatment and Oil Dewatering)
  • Absorption (Structured and Random Packing, Cyclones)

GLY-TECH Is Qualified To Service

  • Separation Equipment
  • Indirect Heaters
  • Gas Filtration Equipment
  • Gas (TEG) Dehydration Equipment
  • Sweetening Equipment
  • Oil Dehydration Systems
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Molecular Sieves